Royal Snakes NFTs collection

Collection of 1,000 unique algorithmically generated NFT Royal Snakes on the Solana blockchain. Each Royal Snake has its attributes

What We Do

NFT Royal Snakes will be minted on the Solana blockchain. Some of the sols will be donated to snake support funds.

What is the Royal Snakes?
Royal Snakes is a collection of NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain. The idea of the collection was inspired by the image of the snake, its wisdom, and mythical legends. A collection created with a random, programmatic, algorithmically generated set of characteristics and rarity.

What is the rarity table of these NFTs?
The collection's rarity table includes 3 types of rarities: rare, original, mythical, and a total of 1,000 NFTs
Rare 100
Original 850
Mythical 50

What is the ROYS?
ROYS cryptocurrency is a crypto token issued on the Solana SOL20 blockchain protocol to support the collection of Royal Snakes and exchange with the community.

What is the ROYS contract address?
Contract address: 883kL8uXDpNdH9W15q2BcnQ5WcQ8dsga2x9SDs2yGNT5
Name: RoyalSnakes
Symbol: ROYS
Decimals: 9

Where can I find the roadmap?
You can find a rough roadmap on our website.

Who is the team behind this project?
We are a small team of crypto enthusiasts from different countries specializing in creating digital projects

What blockchain is Royal Snakes on?
We are on the Solana blockchain

The Team

We are an international team that is passionate about modern technology, supporting nature, art and the digital world.


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